This Bible Overview is designed for people who are -

     • new to reading the Bible.

     • having trouble understanding the Bible.

     • always interested in learning new things about the Bible.


The goal of this Bible Overview is to clearly present the -

     • Bible's one theme that ties Genesis to Revelation.

     • organization and structure of the Bible as a whole.

     • role and importance of the nation of Israel in the Bible's story.

     • role and importance of Jesus in the Bible's story.


We have divided this study into five parts recognizing that most people's time is limited. If you decide to complete this Bible Overview, please accept the following recommendation:

     • Before starting, you are granted permission to print one copy of the Old Testament and New  Testament Timelines (see below). Some users have indicated that they found it helpful to have the Timelines in-hand as they completed Parts 1-5.

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New Testament Timeline